Welcome to RevengeCat.

4 min readJul 9, 2021


Origin Story

RevengeCat was born out of necessity. On July 6th, 2021 many users were enjoying the excitement of a new ecosystem, Kucoin Community Chain (KCC for short). While most early projects are run by opportunists looking to make a quick buck, many were informed that a coin called KuCat was a serious project with trusted devs. Very quickly we found out this was not the case.

After a few hour lifespan, KuCat rugged. Personally, I was heartbroken as this was the first cat-themed token I had invested in, and I was looking forward to many great days of spamming cat gifs and hype. Many people saw trusted community members ape in and were following suit. The old saying is true. If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.

Enter RevengeCat

I very quickly felt a call to action. I reviewed the KuCat code along with a few other trusted eyes. Once it was determined that it was clean, I got to work. I set up the same parameters as KuCat, but this time it would be done right. I combined all of the tokens to build the liquidity, burned the liquidity, then purchased tokens on the market to use for the dev wallet. Finally, peace of mind. It was safu.

Look, this one has a helmet. And a space ship. How cute.


Oh, you want more than the superhero origin story, that’s right. Here’s the juicy bits.

Contract Address: 0xC73F3Ca99ea08273B56d9Df93dc7c4A8B783E8d5
Network: KCC (Kucoin Community Chain)
Exchange: Koffee (https://koffeeswap.exchange/#/pro)
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000 RCAT
Fees: 10% To Build Liquidity on Buy, Sell, or Transfer
Dev Wallet: 10% of Supply Purchased after Launch
Liquidity: Burned.

We will use the dev funds to run giveaways, pay needed costs for partnerships, mint NFTs, or any other operational needs. We’ll release full transparent documentation when the dev funds are used. It’s also on the blockchain and I basically live in the RevengeCat Telegram. Come @ me.

Many will recognize these tokenomics as deflationary; over time the 10% fee builds the liquidity higher and higher, increasing the price and stability of the token. We will be closely monitoring the liquidity and reduce the fee as needed.

The liquidity was burned at launch immediately. Both as a measure of safety, but also to make a statement against rugs. This means that nobody can access the pool of liquidity, the rug cannot be pulled.

Okay but what’s the use case?

More juicy bits, I see. Yes, most projects with these kind of tokenomics fizzle out in a matter of hours. But that is where you will be excited dear reader. We are working with a few other early KCC projects on being able to use your RCAT. I can’t give all the details just yet, but #SOON.

I also want to continue to put deflationary pressure on the token. For example, a portion of NFT sales will go to buy back and burn RCAT.

Wait, did you just say NFTs?

Yes! You can’t have a project about cats without making some cute NFTs. Trust me, they will be grumpy.

Here’s a VERY early peek at some of the designs. Keep in mind these are hand drawn, completely original, and subject to change. We’ll be giving each one a story, background, and name. Be careful, they are all out for revenge:

Did you see that some of them have a knife? They must be REALLY upset.

Yeah but what else?

Okay, fine. We’re almost to the roadmap I swear. There’s a few things I wanted to address that I’ve seen in chat:

This is not a charity token, or charity project. But that doesn’t mean we can’t do some good. Here’s a few examples of initiatives that we are looking at:

  • Donating a portion of NFT sales to charity.
  • Exchange some portion of KuCat tokens for RCAT to help those that got rugged. (Snapshot has already been taken, more details to come.)


Here’s a short term roadmap to illustrate the first month of goals.

Who says revenge always has to be served cold?

Strategic Partnerships will happen very soon. Like, extremely soon. You’ll see this all over social media and telegrams shortly.

Marketing includes a continued effort on Twitter, Medium, Telegram. We’ll be leveraging our amazing community to get the word out regarding our partnerships, contests, and upcoming NFTs.

KuCat Buyback will occur once we have hammered out the fine details. We’ve already taken a snapshot, please do not buy any of those tokens. But if you still have some now worthless KuCat, revenge is near. We’ll be exchanging those up to a certain amount per person.

NFTs are coming. Once a platform for minting is confirmed working and SAFU on KCC we will have more details. We’re currently developing the first collection, as well as leveraging partnerships for collaboration collections.

Thank You

If you made it to the end of this post, I appreciate your support. We’re going to set the standard for projects on KCC and be a voice of reason for others to rely on. All while doing some good. Let’s show them how it’s done.