RevengeCat NFT Update

4 min readJul 16, 2021

Your favorite Head Cat here with another spoiler filled update! Stop licking your fur and feast your eyes on this revenge filled post!

Just over one week ago we launched RevengeCat on KCC as a statement against rugs, scammers, and thieves. We’ve come a long way in such a short period of time, so let’s get right into it. Let them eat $CAKE!

The most vengeful licc


Over the last week we launched our first successful giveaway, giving 100,000,000 RCAT to 10 winners. We learned a lot from this, and we want to iterate and keep putting RCAT into the vengeful pawns of community members. However, we’re upping the ante with this one. This time we want to give away something a bit more sentimental, since the majority of our community members aren’t just here for a quick buck.

For the next giveaway, we’ll be giving away some NFTs. That’s right, you’ll be able to win your very own Revenge Cat NFT. Full details coming #soon! But wait, don’t you need to see what you’re winning to create some hype and excitement? You’re exactly right, keep reading!

Announcing RevengeCat NFTs

Perk those ears up, because it’s time for our first collection of NFTs!

These angry and vengeful kitties will soon be available to purchase. But instead of just saying SOON, let me spill the tea (milk?).

The Full Scoop

  • 13 different Revenge Cat NFT artworks
  • Chain: BSC
  • Marketplace:
  • Rarities: Common (Brown Border), Uncommon (Silver Border), Rare (Gold Border), Ultra Rare (Diamond Border)
  • Mint: 30 of each Common, 20 of each Uncommon, 15 of each Rare, and 10 of each ultra rare.
  • Price: 0.05 BNB per common, 0.10 per uncommon, 0.25 BNB per rare, and 0.5 for an ultra rare.

This means that only 120 common, 80 uncommon, 45 rare, and 20 ultra rare (for a total of 265 NFTs) from this first collection will exist.*

They will be minted from the developer address (0x408ECB06EF97705Afb02646ae1E5537F370a6bfB) so make sure you don’t buy a fake!

But Wen??

Of course! The most important detail! These NFTs will be available for sale on Thursday, July 22nd at 11 AM PT

Remember, the sales of these NFTs are a big deal! Here’s what we are doing with the funds.

  • 50% To Buy Back and Burn RCAT. We will buy RCAT from the market, then burn it on a weekly basis until all the funds have been used. We expect to burn between 10%–25% of the total supply through this method.
  • 40% To Charity. Your Head Cat is already in contact with Cat shelters looking to work with us. We will present the shelter workers with a check and get some pictures and videos for you to put on your fridge.
  • 10% To the Artist. While the artist wishes to remain anonymous, they did a great job and we want to show them some love. Perhaps they will come back for a second round of artwork! Meow!

Did you say BURN?

You heard right! Once all the NFTs are sold, we will be scheduling buy backs and burns on a regular basis. We’re borrowing a note from Pancake Swap’s book on this one. We’ll make our usual amazing graphics and celebrate on social media and in Telegram! It should be a fun and exciting time.

Special Thanks

Thank you guys so much for holding strong. We will continue to work with the community on the direction and scope of the project as we grow. We’re continuing to look at partnerships, innovations, and new ways to get revenge. Until next time!

*Oh, just one more thing

If you happen to see this NFT floating around, it’s an ultra rare that will only be given to the advisors/team/admins that made RevengeCat a reality. They are not initially for public sale. But enjoy the artwork nonetheless!

This many RevengeCats in one place is bound to end in cold, sweet revenge!