RevengeCat NFT Update

The most vengeful licc


Announcing RevengeCat NFTs

The Full Scoop

  • 13 different Revenge Cat NFT artworks
  • Chain: BSC
  • Marketplace:
  • Rarities: Common (Brown Border), Uncommon (Silver Border), Rare (Gold Border), Ultra Rare (Diamond Border)
  • Mint: 30 of each Common, 20 of each Uncommon, 15 of each Rare, and 10 of each ultra rare.
  • Price: 0.05 BNB per common, 0.10 per uncommon, 0.25 BNB per rare, and 0.5 for an ultra rare.

But Wen??

  • 50% To Buy Back and Burn RCAT. We will buy RCAT from the market, then burn it on a weekly basis until all the funds have been used. We expect to burn between 10%–25% of the total supply through this method.
  • 40% To Charity. Your Head Cat is already in contact with Cat shelters looking to work with us. We will present the shelter workers with a check and get some pictures and videos for you to put on your fridge.
  • 10% To the Artist. While the artist wishes to remain anonymous, they did a great job and we want to show them some love. Perhaps they will come back for a second round of artwork! Meow!

Did you say BURN?

Special Thanks

*Oh, just one more thing

This many RevengeCats in one place is bound to end in cold, sweet revenge!



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