Gear up for Revenge

My Revenge Fat more like it.

Speaking of Price Floors

Oh, right. There’s a war coming. While Carl has been getting fat, he’s sensed a great disturbance in the forest. Next to the Binance Smart Chain validator where he lives, there’s a huge forest. Don’t ask why.

The energy seems to swirl around the inside.

War is coming

The Purrgatory Cats and Celestial Cats won’t stop until they control the power that this egg posesses. While Carl is afraid, he always sees opportunity when it arises. He wants to turn a profit on the eventual all-out scramble for the egg. He knows where we can get equipped.

Introducing Cat Loot (Loot for Cats)

Loot (for Cats)

Network: Binance Smart Chain
Release Date: Sept 30th, 2021
Total Supply: 10,000 LOOT NFTs
Mint Price: 0.25 BNB per LOOT

Wrapping Up

We have so many more details to share #soon about the war campaign. Be prepared to gamify LOOT, pick a side in a multi-dimensional war, and earn some amazing rewards.



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