Gear up for Revenge

3 min readSep 24, 2021


It’s been a great first week for Carl. The feedback, positive comments, and interactions have all made me so happy to share Carl with such a great community.

He may have put on a few extra pounds from all the love he’s been shown, but I’m sure he’ll be just fine.

My Revenge Fat more like it.

In the first week of his life, Carl has accumulated about 150 CAKE. That’s more than most of us can say! This will continue to accumulate and provide rewards for $LOVE holders as time goes on. Each $LOVE will appreciate in value as harvests from the CAKE vault yield more interest. The price floor of $LOVE only goes up.

Speaking of Price Floors

Oh, right. There’s a war coming. While Carl has been getting fat, he’s sensed a great disturbance in the forest. Next to the Binance Smart Chain validator where he lives, there’s a huge forest. Don’t ask why.

Anyways, while wandering out there he saw something mysterious, something ominous, something he’s afraid to even share. But he knows what it means.

The energy seems to swirl around the inside.

War is coming

The Purrgatory Cats and Celestial Cats won’t stop until they control the power that this egg posesses. While Carl is afraid, he always sees opportunity when it arises. He wants to turn a profit on the eventual all-out scramble for the egg. He knows where we can get equipped.

Introducing Cat Loot (Loot for Cats)

If you’re not familiar with LOOT, it’s a randomly generated assortment of items that composes an NFT as seen above. The intended use and meaning of LOOT is intentionally left vague and ambiguous. But that’s not the case for our Revenge Cats. LOOT will directly play a part in the upcoming war. Let’s dive in to the specifics.

Loot (for Cats)

Network: Binance Smart Chain
Release Date: Sept 30th, 2021
Total Supply: 10,000 LOOT NFTs
Mint Price: 0.25 BNB per LOOT

This date may seem familiar. We’re launching the same day Pancake Swap is opening their marketplace. We intend to be one of the first projects to be listed when they open the doors to third-party projects sometime in October.

We plan to create the largest LOOT ecosystem on Binance Smart Chain. The first phase is to use the number of LOOT you own as an enhancement of your fighting ability in the upcoming War campaign. Owning LOOT will increase the power of your interactions with the egg, and score more points for your team. More on this later.

The second phase is even more exciting. You may have noticed some interesting parallels with the above LOOT and Carl’s outfit on his website.

Each LOOT entitles the owner to claim a “Profile Pic” style NFT of Carl wearing the LOOT once ready.

That’s not all of the exciting news. 10% of all sales will be sent to Carl as a finder’s fee for all this loot! This means that $LOVE is about to instantly become more valuable. Hope you’ve been an active caretaker!

Wrapping Up

We have so many more details to share #soon about the war campaign. Be prepared to gamify LOOT, pick a side in a multi-dimensional war, and earn some amazing rewards.

Just make sure Carl doesn’t die. ;)