CATNIP Farming is now Live!

2 min readNov 2, 2021


Carl is BACK and starting his plant-growing empire.

Full details:

CATNIP Token Distribution

  • 20,000 Minted for initial liquidity (Link)
  • 20,000-ish Pre-mined for Airdrop (Already sent!)
  • Emissions: 1 $CATNIP Per Block. We may reduce this over time or turn it off entirely subject to community vote.
  • 2% of all emissions sent to the $CATNIP Pool. $LOVE holders can burn 1 $LOVE token to claim all of the accumulated $CATNIP. Yay, a new game! (Link)
  • 7% of all emissions sent to the team. These will be used strategically by your head cat, and serve as pay to our marketing team and moderation staff.


  • CATNIP-BUSD (Apeswap) 40x Multiplier (Buy Here)
  • LOVE-BUSD (Apeswap) 30x Multiplier (Buy Here)
  • CATNIP Single Staking: 10x Multiplier (Buy Here)

Website Updates:

  • Carl is now revived! Please tend to his needs and earn $LOVE! (Link)
  • EmergencyLOVE contract has been updated. It now has lower gas fees to use the functions, and holds the accumulated $LOVE tokens instead of burning them so that CATNIP owners can claim it. (Read Contract)
  • Farm Page added to stake your Liquidity Pairs! (Link)
  • New Rewards: Claim $LOVE with $CATNIP and claim $CATNIP with $LOVE! (Link)
  • General UI updates and improvements have been made, and more are coming soon!

General Project Updates

  • CATLOOT is doing well! While we’ve stalled out around 102 minted tokens, that hasn’t stopped us from progress on the profile picture NFTs of Carl wearing your LOOT! Please see below for a sneak peek!
  • We’ve reached out to a few NFT Marketplaces for listing in the short term, as PCS requires the collections to be entirely minted before listing at this time. Unless somebody wants to mint the other 9900 CATLOOT, this is the best route for now!
  • Progress on an NFT Game using the CATLOOT continues now that the farming update is live. $CATNIP is very likely going to play a role, so hang on to some!
  • Carl has 6 Lives remaining. We hope that the increased incentives from EmergencyLOVE help keep him alive during off-peak hours for most caretakers, but please spread the word about the project! It should be much easier for people to get involved now that LOVE and CATNIP are liquid assets!

As always, please reach out in our Telegram if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions!

See you around the alley, caretaker fam!